From Year 10

On the 18th of August, Year 10 students were involved in a PPEP talk. That is a presentation about periods, pain and endometriosis. The presentation is an initiative of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia. The program offers the latest in modern knowledge and the new neuroscience of pain to Australian teens. The program plays a critical role in informing and educating students to recognise and identify when symptoms are normal, simple ways to improve symptoms, and how to look for further help, allowing them to fulfil their potential. Both staff and students found the information presented insightful and the students were engaged and asked lots of questions at the end. I would like to thank Jodie, our school nurse, for arranging such a relevant presentation to come to St Aloysius.

Year 10 Science have been exploring the concept of Evolution and Natural Selection. 10B completed an experiment outside the classroom to determine what colour of the rare species of “toothpickius” was most suited to different environments. Students completed simulations of three generations of Natural Selection in three locations – inside the classroom on carpet, outside on the grass and in the pebble mix courtyard. The students enjoyed the experience of being out of the normal classroom environment and enjoyed some sunshine at the same time.

Andrea Barr, Year 10 Team Leader