From Year 10

The start of Term 4 means that Year 10 are busily finishing of their final topics and assessment tasks in all subjects, in preparation for the end of year examinations. This week in Nourish, Eden Foster, our school psychologist spoke to the Year Level about Striving for Excellence, not perfection. This ties in developing a growth mindset covered in SAS. The discussion included learning to celebrate learning and growth, appreciate that we learn from our mistakes and to take notice of the process not just the outcome. Some of the key concepts were:

Progress Not Perfection
  • Set realistic goals and know your own limitations
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Focus on things that are working well and on the next thing you can do that is within your reach
  • The progress motivates us
Courage Not Perfection
  • Take healthy risks
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Question, so what if it is not perfect?
  • Learn from the mistakes
  • Be brave not perfect
  • Do not be afraid of: Imperfection, Critical feedback, trying something you might not do well at straight away

Striving for Excellence not perfection involves you trying to produce the best work you can at that point and not the best work that has ever been produced.

Having completed a formal examination period at the end of Semester One, means students will have a better sense of the processes involved and should be reflecting on what did or did not work last time. Students should be listening carefully to the advice of their teachers and completing all revision tasks prepared for them.

Andrea Barr, Year 10 Team Leader