From Year 10

At this time of the year both students and staff are busily finishing off assessments and preparing for examinations. Whilst tiring, there is also a sense of excitement about moving into a new year level, new pastoral group and starting new VCE subjects. Students have plenty of time and resources provided by their teachers to ensure that they are prepared for the examinations. Eden the school psychologist has spoken to the year level about stress management and techniques to reduce anxiety. Ensuring enough sleep each night, finding time to exercise and getting away from electronic devices are part of ensuring you are refreshed for school, study and examination.

Students have appreciated some of the different methods employed by teachers to help them revise. These can include past examination papers, practise essays, MyEd modules that allow students to self-assess and monitor their work, Kahoot quizzes or even responding to question on a large piece of butcher’s paper in a group. Year 10 have been studying the origin of the universe. They were given the task to create a model of the Solar System ensuring that either the planets or the distance between the planets were to scale. Students were allowed to be as creative as they liked as long as the criteria was met and some connection to the origin of the universe was demonstrated.

Andrea Barr, Year 10 Team Leader