From Year 10

Students have almost completed one cycle of their Year 10 timetable, as part of the Step Ahead Program.

The process of Pastoral groups putting their “stamp” on their room began the first day in Nourish and will continue next week. Each member of the class drew a picture or symbol that represented themselves on a triangle. These triangles were then all joined into a banner, representing that we are all part of one Year 10 community.

It was a day of great excitement as we welcomed our new 2023 Year 7 Students on Thursday 24th November. There was quite a buzz, laughter and lots of ball games on the courts. Each Year 10 student will be matched with a small group of year 7 students as part of the Year 10 Mentor Program. The program will begin on the first day of school next year with Year 10’s meeting their mentees with a welcome card, lollipop and completing some “getting to know you” activities. Then each term a “get together” event will occur.

It has been a pleasure to look after the Year 10 2023 cohort for this Step Ahead programme. Ms January Ma will be the Year Level leader next year. Ms Ma and I have been discussing the plans for next year, including exciting events such Nourish Sessions, Reflection and Wellbeing Days and VCE subject selections. The Year 10 level will be in caring and capable hands.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer break and a blessed Christmas.

Andrea Barr, Year 10 Team Leader