From Year 11

This fortnight has seen some exciting learning experiences. Here are some main highlights from different classes:

Our VCAL students spent a day organising donations for the St Kilda’s Mums. The students really enjoyed having a hands-on opportunity to assist members of the community.

The psychology class went to the Dax centre at Melbourne University, where they looked at art made by ‘people with lived experience’ of mental illnesses. They also heard the testimony life story of a person with lived experience, as well as were presented by a scientist on her current research in Motor Neurone Disease. It was a mind-opening excursion, giving students a small insight into different perspectives.

The Food Studies class explored the different cultures which are a part of the Queen Victoria Market, and how food can be so central to connecting people.

The Japanese class had an incursion, where the presenter taught them about Yukata and how to wear the kimonos.

In Active Minds, one class had a workshop run by Nathan Lovett Murray from Wanyara. He presented about Aboriginal culture, and then our students let their creativity flow through the paint marker as they made their own canva using Aboriginal symbols. They also explained the story of their canva to the group. Meanwhile, the other class had Sheena from We are worthy wellness who ran a mindfulness, yoga and digital detox, and all students really enjoyed this opportunity to relax and slow down.As part of our Respectful Relationships program, students have written their own pep talk, and discussed how to use this positive self-talk in all circumstances.

As we continue to equip our students with study skills, recently we have workshopped how to use the mind map as an effective study tool.

Alizee Bourgault, Year 11 Leader