From Year 11

In this fortnight, students have been working on finishing their learning and assessments for Unit 2. The end of the marathon is near, with now the examinations coming up. All teachers and I wish the best to students.

Wanyara came back to run an Aboriginal art workshop for the second class, and the students really appreciate the relaxing time of telling their stories through drawing using Aboriginal symbols.

In Coaching, we have been discussing and forming personal visions, including completing a diagram of our own Ikigais and doing a DISC personality profile.

For those liking a bit of competition, there has been the SCSA Table Tennis competition, as well as the Interhouse Performing Arts competition which was organised by our prefects. We keep encouraging students to participate in a range of activities, and hope they had fun using their talents with their teams.

Finally, we had an inspiring whole school assembly to farewell the current Year 12s. There is rising anticipation, knowing that next year, our Year 11s will be the ones on stage to be acknowledged in the spotlight and farewelled.

Alizee Bourgault, Year 11 Leader