From Year 11

This week, the Year 11s have received their Unit 2 examination papers back and had an opportunity to look over their feedback. They need as much advice as they can get, to prepare for the Year 12 content. We also settled into our Year 12 lockers and homerooms.

On the 17th November, we had our Farewell Day. Firstly, Ms Lonsdale talked to them about the structure of Year 12, and understanding things like what is an ATAR score or a study score. Then, we had Julie Hirsh, co-founder of Eloments Vitamin Tea, come for a conversation with the students. She discussed how IQ is not everything – as IQ only measures what you know for sure. On the opposite, success in life is about your resilience, and your ability to adapt in the unknown. The students related very well with this presentation, and students who answered questions were even given a box of tea ! We then had pastoral activities, with some time to reflect on the year and playing some games. After lunch, we had an assembly to present multiple awards and thank the Pastoral Leaders, and we ended the day with a liturgy. The purpose of this day was to give students a sense of accomplishment and positivity for Year 12.

All teachers wish their best to the Class of 2023 for their Step Ahead. We are looking forward to starting Year 12 with the new timetable structure, and the Celebration Evening on Monday 21st November.

Alizee Bourgault, Year 11 Leader