Year 12

Health and Human Development

During this term, health students have developed a broad and multidimensional approach in defining and understanding health and wellbeing. Students have investigated the World Health Organization’s role in promoting health and wellbeing. We’ve considered wellbeing to be an implicit element of health. Wellbeing is a complex combination of all dimensions of health, characterised by an equilibrium in which the individual feels happy, healthy, capable and engaged.
Amy Huynh


This term in Japanese, we focused on issues surrounding discrimination and the environment, specifically in Japan and Australia. For example, we learnt about the impact of pollution and how to recycle, as well as how gender roles unfortunately dictate our lives. I think talking about these significant issues in Japanese allowed us to study different points of views, and understand how we can use and apply this knowledge in our everyday lives. Another activity we all had been looking forward to was dressing up in traditional Japanese clothing, called the yukata - it was very fun and beautiful to immerse ourselves in the culture. We also have been finalising all our oral examination responses, and refining them to perfection! It has been a super productive term, and we are all feeling very confident for the end-of-year exams. がんばって!
Kylie La

Legal Studies

This term in legal studies we have been investigating parliament and the courts, and the relationship between the two in law-making, whilst considering the roles of the individual, the media and law reform bodies in influencing law reform. Throughout this unit, we have continued to apply legal reasoning and information to actual scenarios.
Hiwot Tesfay