From Year 12

As Term 3 draws to an end, Year 12s have been reflecting on their time here at the College and are preparing for their final weeks. During our Religious Education classes, they have been organising their graduation evening liturgy and also organising thank you notes for all the staff at the College. This tradition which is done each year by our Year 12’s is a lovely gesture of appreciation for not only their current Year 12 teachers, but for all staff who have supported their journey through the many years at the College.

Over the past few weeks, they have worked hard to complete their final assessments and prepare for the upcoming exams. We are very proud of their efforts, and they should be congratulated on all their dedication to their studies.

Last week all Year 12’s completed the GAT. The prior preparation for this exam enabled the students to feel comfortable and all ran seamlessly. Students were able to relax between Part A and B, having lunch together and enjoying a treat outside. Photo’s have been included.

This week the Year 12’s commenced their trial exams which started Thursday, September 15th and will run through to Tuesday, September 20th. Many of the teachers will also be running holiday classes to support and prepare for the upcoming final exams.

Mercy Day was a very special event for the Year 12’s, they did an amazing job of organising and running the BBQ on the day. A big thank you to Mr Needle and Mr Georgiou, our BBQ master for cooking over 300 sausages. It was so lovely to see all the Year 12’s together in the courtyard working together and really enjoying their final Mercy Day at the College.