From Year 12

As part of the Year 12 SAS program, the Year 12 cohort had the opportunity to go rock climbing this Wednesday at Hardrock Climbing. This session was organised to help build confidence in students and an opportunity to consolidate many skills taught throughout the program.

Working in pairs or groups of three, with one person climbing and one person maintaining safety or belaying, we learned to trust each other and the importance of clear communication. The rocks were marked with numbers that were used to indicate the difficulty of the wall and in a team we solved them to help the climber get to the top. There were many times when it seemed as though there were no rocks to grab onto or we felt too high and wanted to come down, but with the encouragement of our peers, many of us overcame these challenges and made it to the top. Ultimately, the rock climbing experience was a rewarding one, that allowed us to escape the pressures of studying for a few hours and enjoy some moments with our friends.

Alannah Lucas, Kaitlyn Gatt, Monica Babula, Sacha French, Astrid Gemmel and Katelyn Bartlett