From Year 7

Year 7 Reflection Day

Last week the Year 7s participated in their first Reflection Day. The had the chance to learn about Catherine McAuley and the sisters of Mercy. The day was filled with artwork, letter writing and fun with their peers. We concluded the special day with a year level mass.

Reflection Days provide an opportunity for students to connect with each other while also exploring the Mercy traditions. The Year 7s loved watching the interview with Sister Carmel and had many more questions for her and the other sisters of Mercy.

Tamara Lourdes – Year 7 Leader and Transition Leader

  • A great opportunity to learn about mercy – Angwit 7B
  • Loved the making posters - Charlotte 7B
  • It was fun – Mya 7B
  • A learning experience and helped us reflect on our relationships – Annie Rose 7B
  • On Year 7 Reflection Day, all year 7's were given the opportunity to reflect on the previous semester and learn new information about our school, our future and one of our school's largest role models, Catherine McAuley. We were taught this knowledge through creative and fun activities including an expressive art task and an informative task. On year 7 reflection day, we were also granted the chance to write a letter to our future year 12 self, which we will open and read when our time as students at St Aloysius is coming to an end. Overall, the year 7 reflection day was a really enjoyable time which we were very lucky to be involved in. – Ruby Rudd

In Nourish, we learned about respectful relationships and self-talk. Eden taught us to challenge ourselves to always think and talk to ourselves positively. We were educated to turn "I can't" into an "I can" whenever placed into a situation where we can feel anxious or nervous. - Ruby Rudd 7B