From Year 7

Year 7 students have been busy this term in their language classes singing along to songs, testing their knowledge through competitive games of Kahoot and Blooket, watching cultural videos and consolidating what they have learnt on Education Perfect. It is amazing to see how much they have learnt in one term – most students can now introduce themselves, use a variety of greetings for different situations and count among many other things.

Learning languages is also delicious and hilarious! French students celebrated Francophonie week recently and for this special occasion, a crepe truck visited the College. Students had the delicious opportunity to order crepes in French and practise their language skills. Japanese students also watched a performance by Showko Showfukutei, an acclaimed Japanese Comedian and Rakugo Performer. Students learned about the art of Rakugo (Japanese comic storytelling) and were thoroughly entertained by Showko’s animated stories and puppets involving Japanese Yokai (mythical creatures). Italian students will be in for a treat next week when they see a bilingual puppet show and there will certainly be more exciting opportunities for our Year 7 French, Italian and Japanese students in the future as they continue their language studies.

Education Perfect Languages Championships Awards:

  • Silver Award: Sonja Rutz 7C
  • Bronze Awards: Holly Trang 7A, Laura Nguyen 7F, Adrienne Ong 7A, Ivy Nelson 7F, Theodora Galovich 7F, Alyssa Ferguson 7E and Maree Christopoulos 7C
  • Credit Awards: Dominique Salama 7A, Natasha Ma 7C, Angela Le 7A and Xavier Busuttil 7F

Arina Mizuno
Languages Leader

Over the past few weeks many of us have been learning French. It's been a lot of fun and we've been able to reach a basic language level. Some of the things we learnt were how to introduce ourselves, count up to ten, ask how we are and lots more. A few weeks ago, Education Perfect hosted the Languages Championships. The goal was to get as many points as possible by studying languages. I participated and managed to win a Silver award!
Last week to celebrate Francophonie week, a crepe truck came to our school. Students wrote and practiced their order in French class, so we were able to order the crepes in French and then enjoy our favourite crepe. All students appreciated this special event.
Sonja Rutz, 7C
In Italian we have been learning all about greetings and numbers. In class we listen to songs such as the 'Carousel Welcome Song' and 'Buongiorno'. This has been a very engaging and fun way to start learning Italian. We also recently participated in a competition on a site called 'Education Perfect'. It was a languages competition, and I got the Bronze award! This competition was about trying to accurately complete as many tasks as we could to get points. I enjoyed this very much and it motivated me to really start learning more about Italian. I am looking forward to improving my Italian!
Theodora Galovich, 7F
Animals, colours, and countries. Being able to learn all these things through the language that stands in third place as one of the hardest languages in the world, is one of my biggest achievements. In our first ever term of high school, Hiragana and Kanji were introduced to us in Japanese with the help of ‘Education Perfect'. Recently there was a competition on Education Perfect with participation from around the world and our school's Japanese learners came first place in Victoria in the 251- 500 students category, for which I personally won a Bronze award. There was also a competition for young artists run by JLTAV, which asked students to express the culture of Japan in a poster, and I chose a fun cartoon style of drawing for my poster.
Laura Nguyen, 7F