From Year 7

In Art, the Year 7A, 7B and 7C students have been introduced to the art elements, composing fragmented images that explore some of the key characteristics of colour, shape, form, tone, texture and line. The students followed some key instructions and explored various materials to achieve striking results for their front covers.

The Year 7s have also had an opportunity to apply unique drawing strategies such as upside down, negative space and blind contour drawing to enrich their observational drawing skills.

The students have also been placing these newfound skills using oil pastel, exploring the visual effects and possibilities with the material. Each student has carefully observed still life imagery and used this as a source of inspiration, translating their selected subject matter into an expressive artwork.

We look forward to seeing how their art making unfolds in the coming term!

Maria Cunnnington

Art has been an amazing experience so far. Being able to work in a creative environment helps me relax and Mrs Cunnington has really opened my eyes to new techniques and ways of seeing. We our currently working on our oil pastel drawings which has been enjoyable and I can’t wait to continue Art in the years to come.
Ava Brazel 7B
In Art we have been focussing on drawing and learning how to see accurately. I love how we are able to choose subject matter that interest us, so we are all learning the same skills but doing different themes that interest us.
Matilda O’Mahoney 7B