From Year 7

The Year 7 students were busy in Term 1 in Health and Physical Education. The topics discussed in Health created learning opportunities for the students to establish life skills in Water Safety and being Sun Smart. In Physical Education, students progressed through various activities targeted at developing their Fundamental Skills and Game Sense approach in sporting contexts.

Term 2 brings an exciting level of learning for the Year 7 cohort. The students are enjoying the topic of Positive Relationships, identifying different connections in their lives, problem solving in friendships and effective communication. They will progress through multiple learning activities, reinforcing their metacognitive skills of self-regulation and self-evaluation. In Physical Education students have been participating in fun activities related to Athletics. Sprints, relay races, long distance running, high jump, shot put and discus have been explored in the first three weeks of the term. Through team-based and individual-based activities students can showcase their skills and reflect on areas of improvement.

Evolving as life-long learners, we look forward to seeing how the Year 7 cohort continue to be embrace Health and Physical Education at St Aloysius College.

Emma Turner
Year 7A Pastoral Leader, Health & PE and Science Teacher

I am loving Health and P.E this year because health is a subject that I have never learnt closely before and I have already learnt some amazing things that can help me to live a healthier life like when and where sunscreen is needed, how to be safe on the shoreline of a beach and so much more! As for P.E I am continuing to learn more and more about my peers and how to work collaboratively in teams.
Ava Brazel
I like Health and Physical Education at St Aloysius because it is a fun and I enjoy the interactive way I get to work my friends and peers. You get to experience new activities and games while learning new skills. In health you learn new things that you can carry though in all aspects of your life. Not only are you benefiting your physical health but also gaining new knowledge that you might need in your day-to-day life e.g. being SunSmart and protecting your skin. – Lexie Williams
I like Health and PE at St Aloysius because the teacher, Ms. Turner, is great at keeping the lessons fun, while getting us to learn a lot about various sports, and the body. I especially like the PE part of the lesson because I like playing sports outside with my friends. In class we have been learning about the sun and its dangers. I have found that it is really interesting to learn, because we can integrate what we learnt into our everyday lives. Overall, I found Health and PE very fun, and I can’t wait to continue with Ms. Turner throughout the year.
Julius Cantoni
I love Health and PE at St Aloysius because sport is a really great way to form friendships and build resilience. It also teaches me to work with others towards a common goal. Health and PE encourages me to enjoy being active
Sam Thaus