From Year 7

Traditionally in maths, it has been extremely difficult for one teacher to cater to the specific learning needs of each student in class. As a result, not every student has experienced success in maths, with many students finding it stressful, too difficult, or not challenging enough. Our Year 7 maths teachers are working very hard to target the specific learning needs of each child, using Maths Pathway as an effective teaching and learning tool in our classrooms:

  • Tailored mini-lessons rotated through smaller groups of students. This is when teachers can hone on specific mathematical topics with smaller groups of students who will benefit most from that lesson. This is also where Mathematical misconceptions get resolved, and new learning taken place.
  • Class wide rich learning tasks that aim to get the students excited and engaged in problem solving using the maths skills they’ve developed, alongside their friends. Each rich task topic is chosen from the Victorian Curriculum area of study. These key numeracy skills are the foundation blocks that enable students to build on their prior knowledge.
  • Regular check-in tests and goal setting to figure out what the student wants to achieve next.
  • One-on-one teacher support and feedback. When students are stuck on a particular piece of maths, their maths teacher will help them out as needed.

The mathematics team at St Aloysius College are dedicated staff members that are always willing to help support mathematics both at school and in your home. Always feel welcome to contact your student’s classroom teacher, or any members of the mathematics learning area teaching team for more information.

Find out more about the Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching model in this video.

Some strategies on how parents can support their children’s Mathematics learning at home are available here.

Cynné Yang
Mathematics Learning Leader

In Math Pathway we do a diagnostic to figure out what we know and what we do not and we get modules to work on the things we need to work on and we improve and then have a test after 2 weeks where we recap on everything we learnt during the period.
Joe S, 7F
Maths Pathway is a fantastic tool for learning math. It quickly adapts to your level of learning through diagnostic tests. I have found it helpful in understanding gradients and algebraic expressions, as it breaks them down into small steps for us to follow, making it straightforward to follow along. It has taught me how to organise my work, so now it is all uncluttered. It has also taught me how to properly write out equations. I have loved working with it so far, and I am very happy that I will be able to use it for the next couple of years.
Gregory, 7E
Maths Pathway has been a great help in my learning. It's helped me improve in the fields I was not so strong in.
Solyana T, 7A
Maths Pathway has been interesting because we can do our work on the laptop and be independent.
Phoenix B, 7C