From Year 7

Welcome back to term three! This term we will continue with ACS and are very excited about the College Musical. A number of Year 7s have been working hard over the holidays to prepare for the Seussical extravaganza, be sure to get your tickets! This term we will swap some of our subjects, last term 7D, E and F finished Design Technology and Music and will now embark on Drama and Art, While 7A, B and C have completed Drama and Art and will move into Music and Design Technology. Please see a 7F reflection on Design Technology.

In Term 3, a leadership changeover will also take place; Class Captains will be named for Semester 2. We have had a number of students on our Leadership team work very closely with me to prepare for and present at the TLC program which will take place this term. I look forward to working closely with our Year 7s in term and anticipate another busy term packed with amazing learning opportunities.

Australian Catholic Magazine - Young Voices Awards

Each year The Australian Catholic Magazine holds a competition called the Young Voices Awards. This competition asks students from across Australia to think about how they can use their voice to make the changes needed in our society today.

This year the 2023 theme was “Climate for Change,” Teachers were encouraged to incorporate this theme into classroom planning and content. Students could enter under three categories, photographic, an article or a digital (video or podcast).

Congratulations to Frankie Blaisdell in Year 7 for being awarded first place in the Intermediate Photograph category for her entry titled Where should I sleep tonight? The judges were impressed by the way she highlighted an issue affecting the homeless that is not commonly recognised or discussed. She has identified an important relationship between architecture and the socially disadvantaged.

These images are examples of anti-homelessness architecture. The government implements these designs to prevent vulnerable people from sleeping there. This is inhumane and needs to be stopped. – Frances Blaisdell

Reflections on Design Technology

Last semester in Design Technology students in year 7D, E and F were introduced to natural fibres and have been working through the Design Process. Students researched four main natural fibres, wool, silk, cotton, and linen. They investigated where the fibres are sourced from, how they are produced into fabrics and what products are made from the fibres. Task 1 Investigate and generate, students brain stormed monster felties, they created a mood board to gather inspiration, designed various monster ideas and have planned in preparation for production. Students completed a hand sampler experimenting with embroidery skills such as a, blanket stitch, straight stitch, backward stitch, French knot and chain stitch. Having completed risk assessment students were taught sewing machine skills which led to creating a pattern to create their monster. A variety of skills are implemented to complete their monster, from sewing machine and hand embroidery skills. A final evaluation will communicate what has worked well with consideration to further improve on.

Last semester in Design Technology I am working on making a monster feltie. I have decided to create a Shrek felty. The most fun thing to work on was probably making my design and cutting out all of the little details. During this process, I have learnt different stitches, how to seam, how to make my design and how to thread and use the sewing machine.
Ivy Nelson 7F
We are currently working on monster softies i am doing a monster ice cream. The stitching has been the most fun because i can learn how to stitch. I have learnt to stitch a monster softie and how to work a sewing machine.
Kitty Honisett 7F
Being able to learn a new subject in high school like design technology is an amazing journey, so far I had learned how to do many different types of stitches, even on the sewing machine, starting to work on my monster and encountering new strange fabric that I had never known before. And the thing I enjoy the most is researching monster fealties and getting to design them with wonderful colors.
Laura Nguyen 7F

Tamara Lourdes – Year 7 and Transitions Leader St Aloysius College