From Year 7

As always, the B Block has been a hive of activity this fortnight: Our Year 7s have been busy with ACS, sharing their learning with their year 8 Mentors and learning all about French culture.

Mentor Program

In the Nourish on Monday, Year 8s partnered up with the Year 7s to collaborate on “life hacks”. After playing a few get-to-know-you games, the Year 8s shared some stories and study tips, as well as tips for everyday life. We designed posters to show this information and will be hanging them up around our classroom. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience for the Year 7s to learn from the Year 8s.

The mentor was amazing, loved working with my year 8 mentor
John McGlion
The Years 8s are funny and kind
Josh Harris

Ms Lourdes
Year 7 Leader


The French National Day, also known as Bastille Day, is on the 14th of July. As this is a significant day of celebration, our school invited Chris Morant, from Cultural Infusion, to do a show for the Year 7 French classes.

This show was filled with action, fun and festivities. Renowned variety performer Chris Morant took students on a journey exploring the culture, history and significance of the French national holiday, Bastille Day. With puppetry, charades, magic tricks, juggling and more, this show brought history to life in a highly interactive and engaging workshop. This incursion provided the perfect way to celebrate Bastille Day!

The French show was very entertaining and fun for all. There was a lot of audience interaction, and everyone as kept wandering what was going to happen next. We got the opportunity to mime , juggle and act in front of our peers. Everyone enjoyed the act and had lots of fun!
Edie Coetzee
The show was hilarious, the audience was so alive thanks to Chris. He engaged us so much and it was so wonderful to watch everyone laugh, express themselves and get up on stage and give something new a go. The charades game was by far my favourite act, runners up had to be the juggling. I'm lying if I say it was not impressive. Chris seems like such a genuine man with such an outgoing personality that really shined on the stage.
Audrey Urban

Alizee Bourgault


In Religion, Year 7 students have been exploring the different ways to pray. They have explored the various formal prayers of the Catholic church including the Hail Mary and the Our Father. Mrs Arnold took 7D on a mini-incursion to the Chapel to experience a different way of praying. These are some of their reflections:

Today in Religious Education we travelled to the chapel to do a mindful prayer. Mrs Arnold took us through a prayer where we do deep breathing, relaxing of muscles, and mind-focusing on God. This was a truly changing experience of the day, where we took time to look at yourselves and change something for the better and be faith filled people.
Annamai Wells 7D
During today's meditation I felt something I haven't felt before. I felt a sense of connection with myself and it was an amazing feeling. Knowing that I can take that time to feel that connection with myself is why I love this type of prayer.
Grace Pearce 7D
Last week we went to the chapel for Religion. Everyone was so excited to visit it, as we had never been there. We went inside and admired the beauty of the chapel. It was so wonderful to be inside such a reverent place. Then we did a few activities including Christian meditation. It was so wonderful and peaceful to slow down and relax and feel centered again. I enjoyed the meditation and felt great afterwards. It was great and I would 100% do this type of prayer again.
Micah Accaputo 7D
Meditation was relaxing because it was super peaceful and it is just a way where you can have some quiet time with Jesus and meditate. Everyone was quiet and had their own time with God.
Dean Barravecchio 7D
During today's lesson, I felt a connection with God. Sometimes during prayer, when you have to literally talk with God, I feel as if I am distracted and not giving God the attention he deserves. During this mediation (which is still prayer) I had the opportunity to be silent, but still be attentive, relaxed and still talk with God. Just in a different way.
Audrey Urban-McDonald 7D
During the meditation I felt relaxed and calm and it was soothing. Sometimes we are so busy we don't have much time to relax, so during the mediation my body relaxed. After the Christian meditation I felt relaxed and energised for learning! 10 out of 10!
Marcus Ng 7D