From Year 7

Mercy day is a special day for everyone in our community. It is a time to come together to share our Mercy Values. A day to think about those less fortunate than us and actually do something to make a difference in their lives. Mercy day is a day of generosity or great giving. I am proud to be part of a community that celebrates the “other” a community who think about “others” and then works to help provide solutions.

Tamara Lourdes, Year 7 and transitions leader

Mercy day was a fun filled day where students participated in merciful activities. The day started with a wonderful mass to bless mercy day. The Archbishop came to celebrate with us. As a part of the school choir we sang beautiful songs and altogether it was a peaceful mass. There was loads of food such as sausages in bread, gelato, popcorn, fairy floss, slushies, spiders (ice cream on soda) and loads of chocolates to win! Activities were the best part of the day, it was a nice time to bond with fellow friends and girls in older year levels. There were activities such as making ceramic spoons, crocheting, making teddy bears and much more exciting experiences. As a year 7 Mercy Day was surely a new and inclusive experience! Classes also held fundraisers and fun games to raise money for a good cause! 7C held a bucket toss with little candies and deluxe prizes!
Amy Bozinovic Dodemaide 7C
"On the 9th of September, the year 7 cohort got to experience their first Mercy Day, it was a day filled with exciting activities, lots of appetizing food and many more. My class, 7C, was in charge of the bucket toss where we fill buckets of lollies and throw a beanbag in hopes of receiving a lolly, many of the participants aimed for the deluxe prize bucket where they can choice a bag of lollies of their choice. Overall, my first Mercy Day was a day to remember, the day was scheduled with a mass and a school assembly, after that the activities began. The day was a thrill!
Seone Grande, 7C
Mercy day was an amazing day, filled with lots of fun activities and games. In the morning, the archbishop was there to celebrate Mercy Day with us, supported by the school choir. There were lots of activities, like making ceramic spoons, making bath salts, crocheting, drawing mandalas, and many more interesting things to undertake! There was a large variety of food being sold. The majority of classes held fun games which were made to raise money for charities like a bucket toss, guess the teacher with baby photos, and a lucky dip! All in all, this day is one we won't forget!
Erika Binuya 7C