From Year 7

What a whirlwind of activity the Year 7 students have experienced lately at school!

The Frayne Festival serves as a gathering for students from schools across Australia, rooted in the traditions of Mercy education. The event encompasses a range of categories including Public Speaking, Debating, and the captivating Voice Choir performances. On the recent Friday of August 25th, our enthusiastic cohort of students and dedicated staff embarked on a bus journey to the Festival hosted at Mount Lillydale College. During the bus ride to the festival, the Year 7 students demonstrated their eagerness by engaging in spirited rehearsals of their speeches and musical numbers. The atmosphere was vibrant, with students sharing laughter, engaging in conversations, with some even finding moments for a quick snooze! Notably, a group of Year 7 girls exhibited exceptional excitement as they prepared to represent their school for the very first time through their performances in the Voice Choir category.

What an amazing experience it was! I had fun with my friends and loved preparing for this event.
I will always remember this experience.

Following the Frayne Festival, we celebrated the remarkable achievement of three of our sporting teams reaching the ACS grand finals. The buzz in B Block on Tuesday was simply electrifying. A heartfelt congratulations goes out to all Year 7s for their active involvement in the Winter sport season. Witnessing their growth into collaborative individuals who effectively represent the college has been a joy.

We worked so hard and had the best coach, this has been a highlight of my year.
I have loved every minute of it.

August 18th marked the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). This year's theme, 'Growing Connections,' emphasizes the role each member of the ST Aloysius community plays in preventing bullying and violence. The significance of this day prompts us to pause and reflect on how we can collectively combat bullying. Guided by the Mercy Values of Respect, Justice, and Courage, our community united to create a paper chain symbolizing the strengthening bonds of friendship and support that aid in preventing bullying. Each piece of paper carried a handwritten message of encouragement for those facing bullying-related challenges.

Students were tasked with including the following in their messages:

  • Information about ways to support someone who may be experiencing bullying
  • Information about how to seek help if you are being bullied
  • Information about what you should do if you know someone is being bullied.
  • Quotes to encourage others to be brave and ask someone for help and support

Tamara Lourdes
Year 7 and Transition Leader

For Year 7 RE, students are learning about The Eucharist. Previously, students were taken to the chapel to explore aspects of the chapel around prayer. This time, students were taken to the Chapel to learn about the sacredness of the Eucharistic Celebration and some of items used when during the Eucharistic Celebration. It was a fantastic, hands-on experience for the students.

In RE we went to our chapel, we all entered and sat down, then our teacher gathered us around a table, called an altar. I learned that there is a saint relic in most altars in most churches. It may be a strand of hair, a bone, or a piece of cloth from a Saint in their time. The saint may not be the saint of the church it still makes the church unique. She also told us about the Bread and the Wine being blessed by the priest. I also learned that in our Catholic community different people, for example, the Anglicans believe that the body and blood is just a symbol, but Catholic’s believe that it's for real, Jesus literal body and blood and I felt that this was interesting. Not only did I learn new things about churches and the Catholic community, but I feel more interested than before, so thank you, Miss. Arnold for the explanations and facts.
Madison R
In the Chapel we went through the process of the Eucharist. We experienced some of the things they do at the Eucharist and the things they use. We learnt about the process of transubstantiation. We learnt that transubstantiation is the process of turning the host and wine into the body and blood of Christ. It was a really fun experience.
Poppy D
My experience in the chapel was learning about the Source and summit, priests' clothing for certain events, and Jesus's body and blood. I learned the source of all graces the goal (summit) of our lives and how they treat Jesus' body and blood. It made me feel intrigued and encouraged to learn something new.
In the chapel today we explored the different things in there, these included things like the bread and wine for the altar and different robes that priests wear. I learnt that There is different seasons in Christianity and there are a lot more robe colours and types than i thought. The trip to the chapel made me feel good about myself to learn about my religion and I found it to be really interesting and feel closer to god.
William M
Today we went to the chapel to learn about Eucharist. First, we sat on the floor listening to Ms Arnold explain why we were there and what we were going to do, We then stood up and had a look at the Altar, Ms Arnold talked to us about what Eucharist was and gave us a few facts to remember, one of the ones I remember most is about the process of blessing the bread and wine. This activity was super enjoyable, and I loved learning about Eucharist.
Ella K
The Chapel has always been so exciting and magical to visit. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have opportunities to learn about others and my own religion. The chapel is so significant for Catholics because it is where people who share the same faith and beliefs gather to share a magical moment known as praying. Praying is known as connecting to your god, there are so many different ways to prey. Today we were able to learn and share stories in a chapel, we were educated on the Eucharist and the last supper. I really enjoyed being able to be apart of a sacred place with my class and not only learn about Jesus and the last supper but also with my peers.
Audrey U
In this Unit of celebrating the Eucharist, we learnt all about How it is used and celebrated in the Catholic community and what it means and represents. I learnt so much about the significance of why we have the Eucharist and wine in church and what many people think of it. Being the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Whilst learning about the Eucharist and the church, I found myself feeling a lot more motivated and pure. During this learning unit, we were able to go to the chapel and have mindfulness sessions which I felt were really calming and a great way to reflect on what's been happening in our personal lives.
Before the experience of the chapel and learning about the Eucharist, I had no idea what it meant and why it was so important. As we were in there, Ms Arnold explained that the eucharist was in fact a sacred moment, when the priest blesses the wafer and wine (with a drop of water in it to symbolise when Jesus was stabbed after the crucifixion), and then offers for all to except the body and blood of Christ.
This made me feel somewhat ashamed; throughout my life, we had communion at church where a group of volunteers would stand up and pass around a plate of bread, and little cups of red cordial (as the kids can drink it). And I mainly just thought that everyone did this? Well, I was wrong, and it’s been an honour to learn the way of catholic people.
This week we went to the chapel again to explore the Eucharist .We were shown many new things about our school chapel and what resides in it. In the chapel we got to see the altar the cup where the priest drinks the blood of Christ and some of the wine they use. I enjoyed learning about the Eucharist, and I learned lots.
Micah A
We were in the chapel and were looking at the object that are in there. I learnt lots about that they like to use Gold to represent purity. It made me feel happy because all my questions were answered.
Dean B
My experience in the chapel was learning about the Source and summit, priests' clothing for certain events, and Jesus's body and blood. I learned the source of all graces the goal (summit) of our lives and how they treat Jesus' body and blood. It made me feel intrigued and encouraged to learn something new.
Luka W
During our chapel visit today in class, I learned that we use different meanings and uses for the equipment for prayer. The bread and wine that are given during a Eucharist symbolises Jesus’ blood and body. Catholics believe that during the ceremony the bread and wine 'literally' turns into his body and blood.
Grace P
Today in RE we were lucky enough to go to the chapel to learn about Eucharist. I already knew a lot about Eucharist but surprisingly I finally found out what happens if there is spare bread and wine. We gathered around the alter and learned more about Eucharist, after that we went to the room where the priests keep all the stuff that they wear. This experience made me feel happy that I got to learn more about my religion and more about what happens during church.
Jessica M
Today in year Religious Education we had an incursion to our school chapel and learnt about the Eucharist. In today’s lesson we held many objects that connected to the Eucharist such as the, gold cup, hosts etc. We also got to see what the priests’ robes looked like. What they again wore and change into before masses, weddings and many other important celebrations. As well as looking out for symbols around the chapel. We learnt many different and interesting things and fact about the Eucharist, hosts and that they can be blessed, and others are not, The process of the red wine (the blood of Jesus and the story of the water and why we add a drop of water into the cup with the wine. While learning about the Eucharist it made me feel calm, relaxed when in the chapel and a little curious and shocked about the new information that was told to me and the rest of my peers.
Lulu B