From Year 7

Mercy Day
Last week on Friday the Year 7s had their first Mercy Day, they had wonderful time learning about our Mercy charities and planning ways to support them. In our assembly at the end of the day it was wonderful to see so many of them take home awards for all their hard work.

Tamara Lourdes
Year 7 and Transitions Leader

Art competition
Winner: William Morse Davies

I won the art competition it was a great experience; my three graffiti art pieces were inspired by seeing all the ugly graffiti writing in my neighbourhood and then travelling into the city and seeing all the great beautiful street art pieces that were valued by the community around the pieces, I wanted to make some street art with value and beauty that other people could enjoy.

STEAM Challenge: Upcycling

For this competition, I decided to create a unique pair of shoes using a cut-up Nike Air Max as my base. I wanted to challenge myself and push the boundaries of the basic shoe design. So, I gathered colourful and patterned clothes to cover the shoes and give them a one-of-a-kind look. The process of creating these shoes was both exhilarating and challenging. I found myself carefully cutting and shaping the clothes to fit the shoe's structure.
Delon Rojes

House Performing Arts

On the 8th September the Year sevens celebrated our first Mercy Day. Verdon house's goal was to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Our first activity was with the year sevens and eights which was decided to go for a walk at Royal Park. We did this to see the native animals and plants to find the natural elements we have around us. We identified different types of birds and plants which surrounded us. Our second part of our day was filled with activities were we donated money to give back to our charities and each year level had different stores where we could purchase food such as a sausage sizzle, cupcakes, drinks or spiders or had activities to play such as guess the baby teacher photo and just dance.
Dean Barravecchio