Melbourne Zoo Excursion

From Year 7

Last Friday, 20th October, our cohort of enthusiastic Year 7 students went to Melbourne Zoo and had an enriching journey, observing and learning about animal behaviours, conservation endeavours, and endangered Australian animals.

This day allowed our young scientists to observe and understand the interactions between diverse species and their environments, bringing the concepts they learned in Science and STEM classes to life. They enjoyed seeing agile penguins and seals diving, elephants fanning their ears to keep cool, and meerkats jumping to their lookout in their enclosure. Their animal encounters sparked curiosity and enabled our students to appreciate the diversity in nature firsthand.

Whilst exploring Melbourne Zoo, the Year 7s observed a variety of enclosures designed to mimic the natural habitats of animals. This immersive experience allowed our students to appreciate the conservation efforts which preserve endangered animals. Our students worked in groups, collaborating and contributing their insights, observations and findings on various conservation initiatives Melbourne Zoo undertakes. They will present their findings in their upcoming Science classes and look forward to hearing about what their peers gained from this experience.

Kareena Martis
Head of Science

On Friday, our Year 7 cohort had the chance to experience a trip to Melbourne Zoo. Throughout the day, we explored the zoo to research and learn information about our chosen animal in our groups! My group chose the endangered Snow Leopard. However, once we finished researching and observing them in their habitat, we enjoyed exploring other parts of the zoo and observing other animals for the rest of the day.
Maree Christopolous, 7C