STEAM and Reflection Day

From Year 7

A very busy time in the B Block over the past two weeks, Reflection Day was our highlight with the Year 7s visiting our Torquay campus.

Reflection Day

The objective of our trip was to:

  • Come together as a cohort to celebrate creation
  • Make connections with scripture and the eighth Mercy Value of Care for Our Common Home - creation
  • Inspirer connections between stewardship / responsibility
  • To experience encounters within a certain environment
  • Create opportunity for connection with indigenous perspectives

On the day the students:

  • Experienced a coastal walk
  • Created a piece of artwork inspired by the Torquay coastal landscape
Torquay was beautiful
I loved creating the art work
The coastal walk was fun, we got our feet wet

Awards Night

On our first awards night was a real treat. It was great to see Lexie and Marcus receive some very special awards.

Lexie Williams of 7F
Lexie is a student who is always welcoming and hospitable to her fellow classmates, has shown courage in going up for class-captain, and is thoughtful and respectful of others. She displays great dedication to her classes; being of service to staff members, willing to lend a hand, as well as being fair and just to her peers. Additionally, she is compassionate, sticking up for her friends and trying not to exclude anyone.

Lexie has taken on the role of Class Co-captain well, being a great role model to her class and carrying out duties such as organising the class prayer and notices readers in a way that is fair and equitable to the whole class. Lexie displays the Mercy values in all that she does. She participates in a range of activities whilst achieving excellent academic results.

Marcus Ng of 7D
On the basis that, without being in a formal leadership position, Marcus has demonstrated the abilities to unite groups due to his positive dispositions and enthusiasm for both learning along with school life, clearly demonstrating service for the wider school community. He always wears his uniform with pride as an example to all students, and continually works hard to improve academically as a demonstration of the respect that he has for both himself and the school.

STEAM Elephant Enclosures

In this last term of STEAM, we have been building elephant enclosures while learning about scale. It was amazing to see these designs go from a piece of paper to a 3d form. It was really fun and we also learned a lot about animals in captivity over time. We needed to learn how to measure things to scale which was very interesting. At the start of this unit, we made a slide show about the history of animals in captivity. Overall this unit of work has been an amazing experience and hope we can do something similar in the future.
Jonah Accaputo