From Year 7

It's been an eventful fortnight at St Aloysius College, with our students fully engaged in various enriching activities and striving toward leadership opportunities.

This week, our Year 7 students have been particularly involved in their languages programs and have embraced the excitement of taking on new leadership roles with great enthusiasm. Students have been delivering inspiring speeches as they vie for both class captain and house leader positions. The speeches have been remarkable, showcasing their passion, vision, and enthusiasm at the possibility of joining the student leadership team to make a positive impact within our school community.

We're proud to witness such dedication and leadership potential among our Year 7 cohort. As they prepare to take on the responsibilities of class captains and house leaders, we're confident they will serve as exemplary role models and contribute positively to the College's ethos. Leadership appointments for both titles will be revealed early next week. We encourage you to join us in celebrating the achievements of all students, regardless of whether they receive a badge!

Thank you for your ongoing support in nurturing our students' growth and development and read below some reflections from Year 7 students across some of our amazing programs.

Participating in the swimming program has been an invigorating experience for me, especially as someone who loves freestyle swimming. I thoroughly enjoyed refining my technique and pushing my limits in the water. Each session presented new challenges, but overcoming them alongside supportive peers made the experience even more fulfilling. I feel proud of the progress I've made and am motivated to continue pursuing my passion for swimming.
Owen K (7B)
The class captaincy speeches and voting were inspiring experiences for me. Witnessing my peers' confidence and passion was empowering. Voting made me realize the importance of active participation in shaping our school community. I'm eager to see the impact our newly elected captains will have.
Finley Barfield (7B)

Jordan Miller
Year 7 Leader