From Year 7

Looking at the latest learning experiences from our STEAM program!

Our Year 7 students continue their journey of creativity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of their imaginations and rising to exciting (and tasty) challenges.

Picture this: lolly snakes and toothpicks transformed into the building blocks of architectural marvels as the Year 7 students constructed Geodesic domes. Throughout this activity, they explored the intricate world of engineering, discovering the importance of structural integrity and design while creating vibrant, eye-catching structures. The energy and excitement were fantastic to see as students worked together, turning ordinary materials into extraordinary creations!

On the technological side of things, students dove headfirst into the world of pixels and GIFs, where they decoded the secrets of pixellation and navigated the process of developing dynamic animations. Students were thrilled to bring their ideas to life, and the GIFs they created showcased their wide range of interests, their vivid imaginations and their technological literacy.

Jordan Miller
Year 7 Leader

These past STEAM lessons have been great, from the first lesson everyone had so much anticipation and looking forward to the subject. We have learnt about critical thinking and the smartest way to achieve each goal. During our lessons we have revised about STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. The class had completed the first test now it was time for fun! 7A had an amazing double session where we made Geodesic Domes, we used toothpicks and gummy worms to create a creation which had to have structure and was stable. The design process started with identifying what we had to do, imagining the idea, creating the invention then testing what we have made. After completing the steps and improving we have our final prototype. These past few weeks of STEAM have been amazing and the whole class will be looking forward to STEAM for the next few years.
Hiromi C
We learnt about how geodesic domes are a strong structure and how they are used in many places like in stadiums, murals, and buildings. We even got to build our own ones made out of lolly snakes and toothpicks. we had so much fun learning research about the structures made out of Geodesic domes. We had so much fun making mini-Geodesic domes and experimenting with the structure of them.
Charlotte A
I like how we can be creative and work in groups such as when we did the geodesic domes activity. I think STEAM is fun because you get to interact with people, have fun and learn new things about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics and it can help you with your job in the future (if you get one – I WILL) and will help you in life.
Nicholas R