Jordan Miller

From Year 7

As the Year Sevens return to a new school term, it is easy to forget just how jam-packed the first term was. The holidays were a break well-earned and an awesome opportunity to reflect on what went well, identify areas of improvement, and set some goals for the rest of the year.

Students should now know where everything is around school, what to bring and how to conduct themselves. It was fantastic to see such a high level of growth across the group and it is humbling to think of where they will be at the conclusion of 2024. As the training wheels are starting to come off, I encourage students to continue to strive for their best in absolutely everything they do. Wear the uniform with pride, complete classes with rigor and strengthen those connections made at the beginning of the year.

It hasn’t just been the students learning though. On Thursday night, parents and guardians of our Junior School levels (7-9) attended an online forum that explored the ever-growing role that technology plays in our children’s lives. Feedback from the session has been extremely positive. Many parents and guardians are also figuring out how to manage the appropriate use of technology both at home and out in the community. The session leader, psychologist Jocelyn Brewer helped provide some simple approaches and ways to manage technology intentionally & intelligently for learning & leisure. Working in partnership with parents and the wider community we hope to continue this discourse and continue to find ways to encourage safe, fun, and healthy use of our devices.

Jordan Miller
Year 7 Leader