From Year 7

Year 7 students have embraced the challenge of learning two languages and across all languages, students can now talk about a variety of things such as their hobbies, family and friends. Language lessons have been filled with competitive games, songs and cultural videos, as well as special activities with our sister schools.

Tamara Lourdes, Year 7 and transitions leader

In Year 7 French we have been focussing on many topics including family, animals, colours and months of the year. French has helped us understand different languages better, and is really fun!
Josephine Wake, 7B
Italian this year has been so fun. We have learnt all the basics of Italian, including numbers, greetings, families, plurals and more. There have been some great memories this year in Italian, involving Italian games and fun activities. In the amazing Italian class, we complete class activities and learn more about Italy and the language each lesson. Italian this year has been an absolute blast!
Ruby Rudd, 7B
During Japanese my favourite activity so far has been the penpal letters we wrote and received. These letters not only helped me become more comfortable with understanding different phrases and hiragana but was also a very exciting experience. I loved opening and reading my letter and also having the opportunity to write my own letter to my penpal in Japan. Thank you Miss Mizuno for planning such a fun activity!
Keona O’Brien, 7A