ACS Spotlight

From Year 7

This week, we highlight our ACS Sport program in Year 7!

Why do we do ACS Sport at St Aloysius?

We live in an era of sporting heroes. Names such as Sam Kerr and Tom Brady decorate many of our students’ lunchtime conversations, and often, you’ll find some of our students attempting their best impersonation of a Kobe Bryant fadeaway three-pointer. It is no secret that our Year 7s hold sport and performance in high regard at St Aloysius, and we recognise the importance of sport.

You might ask, well, why is sport such an important part of life at St Aloysius? Research shows that organised sport has many psychological and social benefits for young people – even more than the physical activity during play. Researchers think this is because they benefit from the social side of being in a team, and from the involvement of other students and adults. Through sport, they can learn to better control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way. This, in turn, helps children build resilience and feel better about themselves.

Winter ACS Sport Update

ACS Sport is no doubt very popular with our Year 7s. There is something to be said about the buzz around school at the end of lunch on a Tuesday afternoon as students leave to go and compete or train. With the support of external coaches in partnership with our staff, St Aloysius has built an amazing sporting program that has really started to take shape, and our students are reaping the benefits.

Most recently, there have been Winter ACS Sport trials across an array of different sports at the State Hockey Netball Centre and surrounding sport complexes. For our girls, Netball has been an extremely popular choice with overwhelming numbers coming to try-outs. Similarly, Soccer was the most popular option for our boys, making selection more difficult for coaches. As many teams are finalised this week, the focus will shift towards Round 1 where squads will look to start the winter season on the right foot.

Student Reflections

ACS Sport is definitely my favourite thing to do at school. It is always fun to sing with my friends on the bus on the way to play, but sometimes it can also be nerve-wracking because you want to do well and, most importantly, win! I can’t wait to get started again this term and hopefully, I get to play soccer.
Lucas S, 7E
The reason why I like ACS sport is that we can do the sports we enjoy playing in school. It is also awesome to play with our friends, and we all try our best and encourage each other. ASC is by far the best thing to do at school.
Marissa K, 7D
The reason why I like ACS is that I get to play some of my favourite sports, and I can play them every week. Another reason I enjoy it is I can play soccer because I really enjoy the sport, and it’s just a good thing because I can do sport twice a week for around 2 hours each Monday and Tuesday.
Brooklyn T, 7A

I look forward to getting around to the games and watching our wonderful students in action!

Jordan Miller
Year 7 Leader