What makes a place great?

From Year 7

Year 7 tackles the big question, what makes a place great?

What makes a city great? Hint: It isn’t just the pizza. In Humanities, Year 7s have been studying the geographical concept of liveability. To put this into a local context, students were asked to investigate their own suburbs and evaluate the liveable qualities and facilities found in their local area. The Year 7s have embraced their role as geographers, with many students taking cameras out on the weekends to conduct some field research. It has been wonderful to see such enthusiasm and curiosity from students about the world we all share. Wrapping up our units on geography, Year 7s will now be taking a step back in time to begin exploring the ancient past in our study of Indigenous Australian History.

Grace Fethers
Year 7 Humanities Teacher

This term in Humanities the Year 7s have been learning about liveability and geography. We studied and assessed our suburbs and rated them based on push and pull factors, the amount of access to essential facilities as well as other things like arts, shops etc. We made maps of our suburbs using BOLTSS (border, orientation, legend, title, scale, and source) to accurately showcase what each suburb has to offer. During this topic I learnt that my suburb has access to multiple different public transport systems and educational facilities.
Eva B, 7E
This term we have been investigating liveability and what makes a certain area truly 'liveable'. We learned about the different aspects that can contribute to the liveability of a suburb, such as safety, healthcare and affordable housing. I investigated my suburb and was shocked to learn about how congested the roads can get in my area.
Henry F, 7E
In our projects on liveability, we were given the option to go and explore around our suburb and take photos. I loved this because it gave me the chance to go for walks around my suburb and even learn about some new places within our suburb.
Hunter F, 7E