Showcasing Talent

From Year 7

Year Sevens Showcase Talent

It has been a busy fortnight for our group but none more than some of our Year 7 student leaders. Last Tuesday, the 6th of June, House Captain Kibunja Kiarie and Class Captain Sabrina Klebic joined our 2025 Year 7 Information Evening, in a Q&A Panel. This is an evening for our future Aloysians to start their secondary school journey. Our two 7s stole the show during the panel. They answered questions about what life in Year 7 at St Aloysius College looked like. Both students spoke confidently and articulately. Keep in mind that this was in front of a large audience and without a script. They answered questions about what they enjoyed and how they transitioned to secondary school. Judging by the thunderous applause at the end, I think they did well.

It was a moment to be proud of and attendees were highly complimentary of the two students. With such a talent for public speaking, both students will be hot property for our schools debating program in the coming years.

Mr Jordan Miller
Year Seven Level Leader and Transitions Coordinator

I was really excited to take part in this evening as I love coming to St Aloysius. I was nervous and excited about getting up to speak in front of so many people but once I started speaking it wasn’t so bad. I hope I did the school proud and get asked to take part in an evening like this again
Kibunja Kiarie, 7C
I like to think I’m a pretty confident speaker when I need to be. I won’t lie, there were a few nerves heading into the session, especially as I saw more and more people enter the hall. Despite having over 450 people to talk in front of, I was confident during the whole Q&A Panel
Sabrina Klebic, 7F