Jordan Miller

From Year 7

Among many of the incredible events over the last fortnight, we had our first Year 7 Music Performance Night for semester one in the College Hall. On the evening of Thursday, the 27th of June. This was for the three Year 7 music classes for this semester – 7D, 7E, and 7F. There was so much excitement as our three groups were eager to perform in front of an enthusiastic audience of family and friends. The evening began with a warm welcome from our amazing music staff who praised the students' hard work and introduced each performance. Each class showcased what they had learned over the semester. The 7's were pumped to perform (and a few nerves here and there too!) and it made for a memorable night, ending in applause. Judging by some of the performances, we may have some future superstars in our midst. The event highlighted the students' dedication and talent, leaving everyone looking forward to future performances. Thus, bringing to a close, an incredibly busy first semester of school for our Year 7s. I encourage all students to use this break to rest, recover and reload for another action-packed semester of school.

Jordan Miller
Year 7 Level Leader and Transitions Leader

I think I did very well with playing the song on trumpet (CJ and the blues) because I had never played or even touched a trumpet before coming to St Aloysius. I heard 7D's Performance and got really scared cause they were amazing and I didn’t want to disappoint or make a fool of myself. Personally, I think I learned a lot from playing the trumpet. The things I could improve on would be listening and taking more notes and practicing at home a bit more but overall, I think I did good in the performance and in class.
Markus H

The music performance was an excellent opportunity for the year 7s. In my opinion, spaces to improve on are making sure to listen and watch what your instructor is saying. I was in the woodwind 7F, and St Aloysius has opened so many doors for me, as someone who never touch a flute before I think is was super easy to glide through our lessons while Mr Bell taught us all we needed to know about flutes. Furthermore, I found it super fun to be up on stage but, to improve I think all woodwind needed a little more practice on keys and notes. Overall, it was a great experience, and I can't wait for music theory next year!
Reiku N

The Year Seven Music Performance was really fun. It was a fabulous opportunity to showcase what we had learnt this semester. I walked onto the stage feeling nervous, but as we began to play, I felt confident. I chose to learn the clarinet and I thoroughly enjoyed learning a new instrument as a part of the Year Seven Music Program, being taught for an hour and a half every fortnight. I think that one area of improvement for the woodwind groups is to get better at playing with the correct rhythm. Ultimately, the Year Seven Music Performance was a great opportunity for the Year Sevens to show off our skills and was an experience I will never forget.
Matty Y