From Year 7

What have we been doing in science this term?

Science in year 7 continues to be an engaging environment. The students are being introduced to chemistry and continue to complete experiments gaining vital laboratory skills needed for future scientific study. The year 7s have completed their People in Science books where they chose a person a wrote a story for younger generation. Year 7 will finish their year looking at Mission to Mars, with further opportunities to use different skills to show their understanding of the universe and what it takes to organise a mission to outer space. The stories written by the students are available here.

Chloe Cornell, Science Leader and Year 7 teacher

Camp News!

Our Year 7s started their camp adventure this week. In Year 7 we include three days of fun and challenging activities. The activities we participate in comprise of surfing, initiative and group bonding activities, beach activities, a talent quest and mindfulness sessions. Based at the St Aloysius College Torquay Campus, students get to experience a “coastal classroom” and make lasting memories with their classmates. Below are photos of the students surfing and experiencing the Coastal Walk. Many of the concepts covered in the walk are areas we have looked at in science this year, I am sure students will take the experience back to the classroom to unpack all the wonderful things they learnt about the environment and our coastline.

Ms Lourdes

Year 7 Leader