From Year 7

When people reflect on their time in secondary school it is often the special events that come to mind. Sports days, feast days and camps. Our 7 group embraced their camp experience and used every second to connect, laugh and challenge themselves and their peers. We made very special memories on camp, memories they will cherish as they move into Year 8.

Tamara Lourdes, Year 7 Leader

Camp was one of the most memorable times in Year 7. I enjoyed all the activities at camp, especially surfing! Camp was a great time to socialise with others out of School grounds and learn lots of fun activities. It was really enjoyable and I can't wait for Year 8 Camp!
Alisa, 7C
The way I would describe Year 7 camp is purely a joyous experience, although for most of us, the campsite was not what we had anticipated it to be as, it was still memorable. Camp included many activities, surfing, hiking, a fun little time to spend at the beach and a talent show. For me personally, I enjoyed the talent show, I loved seeing my friends and peers’ talents being presented. Overall, I’d say this camp experience was a great way to get to know your peers better or create a stronger friendship.
Seone,, 7C
My experience at my first ever year 7 camp was amazing. Interacting with my peers was very fun and I got to bond with all of them. Surfing and the coastal walk were fun also as we got to see a lot of Torquay. Being in the cabin with my friends gave me a chance to get to know them all better. Overall, it was an awesome adventure.
Pia, 7C
Year 7 camp was very enjoyable! My highlight of camp was surfing, I had a blast and learnt many new things! I also enjoyed the coastal walk very much because I got to spend time with my friends and learn new facts about Torquay!
Sara, 7C