From Year 7

After nearly a year of learning Mathematics the ‘new’ way, students in Year 7 have achieved positive outcomes in their learning and many reached their personal goals. Maths Pathway gives the students the opportunity to not only practice Maths at their own and extended levels, but also broaden the range of topics to offer different learning experiences. We played fun and engaging Maths quizzes as ‘energizers’, worked in groups or as whole class on fundamental Number and Algebra skills during ‘rick tasks’, and they will conclude their first school year with an open-ended Statistic ‘Project’. Below are few students’ words about their Maths learning experience in Year 7 using Maths Pathway. Find out more about the Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching model in this video: https://mpcontent.blob.core.wi...

Cynné Yang, Mathematics Learning Leader

In Maths Pathway, we get to do modules that are focused on a specific area of maths and we work through questions. Aside from the modules, we get to to do energisers and rich tasks. Energisers are short questions designed to get our math thinking on and rich tasks are designed to teach us about an area of math, completely different from our modules. Every two weeks, we have to do a test, based on the modules and recent learnings.
Isabella Svircic 7A
I really like Maths Pathway because you can focus on the topics you like and find enjoyable, instead of learning one subject as a class. Our year level has learnt lots of new things this year including algebra, negative and positive integers, multiplying and dividing fractions and more.
Josephine Wake 7B
Year seven maths this year has been a fun experience with Maths Pathways. You can work at your own pace at your own level. Maths Pathways has helped us accessing maths knowledge at a really high level. Our teachers are great at helping us when we do not understand things.
Ava Mckirdy 7C