First week reflections

From Year 7

First are always a challenge: First steps, first words or the first time saying goodbye to Mum and Dad. Most of our Year 7 students had already had their first taste of what secondary school would be like, having participated in the TLC program and the Orientation Day in the Life, and all embraced their first day at St Aloysius, entering the gates with big smiles on their faces

This year was not only a first for them, but a first for me, the College and our community; the first time we have the privilege of becoming a co-educational space that celebrates our desire to be curious learners who understand the importance of learning, collaborating, critical thinking and inquiry.

The year is sure to be filled with many firsts, I am excited to be on this learning journey with these students. I wish the Year 7 cohort of 2023 success, a year filled with friends, a deep connection to their school community a true sense of belonging to this Mercy school.

Below I invite you to enjoy reflections on their first day from some of our new Year 7 students.

Tamara Lourdes
Year 7 Transition and Year Level Leader

My heart flies, as I walk through the school gates this new location makes me violently nervous, but with each step my shaky nerves are calmed. I look around, cautiously I weave through the bustling crowds of people, desperately trying to fit in. Then like it was meant to be I see one of my only friends. My soaring heart flies as a burst of happiness ripped through my heart. We exchange hellos, and erupt in conversation. We can't be stopped. Our homeroom teacher escorts us to our classroom. It's one of the best I have ever been in. I look around trying to take a look at all my fellow classmates, this is going to be the best class I have ever had.
Alex Bieri, 7B
When I first arrived at the school gates, I felt a little jittery. But as soon as I stepped inside, I saw smiling warm faces of senior years welcoming me into the school, and welcoming staff with inviting expressions helping me to our class, sending my jitters packing.
I entered the classroom and saw nice welcoming classmates reminding me I was not alone, calming me and putting my nerves at ease.
I was really exhilarated when my homeroom teacher Mr Chesser gave us our lock to start practising on! I was excited to open and close my locker to store all my belongings and know they were safe. We then had recess and walking around school with my friends made me feel like I was slowly sinking into the welcoming environment around me. After our break we got given our computers to use at home! The teachers showed us how to log on to websites to see our homework and timetable, I felt calmer now all my questions bubbling around my head had been answered. After lunch we had our very first classes in high school! English held working with people I didn’t know encouraging me to make new friends. Science held fun activities collaborating with classmates.
As I looked around, I slowly felt ready, ready for high school and whatever it held for me.
Dulcie Beaumont – 7F
Staring upon the large gates as they call my name, glancing at the familiar faces sharing a smile with me.
Moving my bag as I grinned in glee, stepping forward into St Aloysius.
People crowded everywhere, chatting together and talking in groups.
Warm faces greeting me as we huddle up, sharing a photo as I cannot get rid of the smile from my face.
Noticing my friends as I ran up to them, both laughing in joy as we heard our classes be joined.
Sharing one final smile as we would head off, years 7s, it is time to start my high school journey.
Placing my bag down as I stared at my group, whispers and laughs approaching from all corners as we practice on how to use our combination locks.
Twisting and turning as we opened and closed them for practice, finally packing our stuff into our lockers as we locked it one, final time.
Munching on snack as me, Tilly and Elena would chat, kicking our feet as we chuckled, walking and talking was a nice thing to do.
Going inside as we prepared to receive our laptops, learning our passwords as we logged into our sites, even drawing some of our favourite things whilst we waited for others to finish.
Then came lunch time, the time to do what you can and spend time with your friends. Chatting, eating together or even just chilling together, sometimes spending a dollar or two for an item from the vending machine.
Pastoral activities and all the lunch breaks came to an end, as we began two normal lessons. Travelling down the stairs and through the hallways to the science lab area, talking about our questions about the world around us and chatting about what we will do in science.
Laughing at a few sudden jokes as we packed our stuff, returned to our homeroom and then next comes English. Answering a few questions as we talked about ourselves and the importance of English, our favourite books and some stuff we already know about English.
Time had passed by quickly that day but gave me enough time to enjoy the first day of high school. Packing our bags as we travelled away, I could not get the smile off my face, I was too excited for tomorrow, and I am glad that I’m excited
Anastasia Marchionna - 7F