Camp Reflections

From Year 7

Now that the (literal) dust has settled on last week’s camp: I have to say that I am particularly proud to have been a part of the inaugural co-ed St Aloysius Year 7 camp at Weekaway in Benloch. We were truly blessed to have such wonderful weather in the beautiful Victorian bush surrounds and the students were, by-and-large, exceptional. They threw themselves into every activity and showed us near limitless positivity and energy reserves! My personal highlights were of course the daily activities which seemed to have something for everyone. 7B kicked off with the flying fox, which was the perfect way to start as we launched ourselves off the platform down over the lake and landed safely in a pile at the other end. This was the first time I was struck by the positive energy of 7B who embraced this admittedly a little scary first challenge and did so with beaming smiles and almost excessively wonderful manners. For the next couple of days everything ran smoothly from this great start and included other highlights such as yabbying (and the great catch that was Fatty Johnson), as well as canoeing and getting lost in the maze. Personally, I loved being able to share this special time with the Year 7s and getting to know them outside of the class. I think this has set the tone for a special year and for all the years beyond!

Luke Fussell
Year 7B Patoral Leader

Camp was an amazing experience and definitely one to remember. On camp everyone was offered a chance to participate in team building activities such as crate stacking, around the world, yabbying and canoeing. We all learnt a lot about our friends and were encouraged to meet new people. The coordinators were amazing, teaching us new skills in things like aim for archery and bravery for when we had to jump of for the flying fox. The food was great and overall it was definitely an awesome experience!!!
Ava Brazel, 7B
On Monday the 6th of February, all the year 7s at St Aloysius College embarked on a 2-night camp at the Weekaway Recreational Camp in the Macedon Ranges. There were some really good activities at this camp and some of these include a flying fox, yabbying, canoeing, crate stacking, an “Around the World” activity and also Archery. While we were there, the chefs were working really hard to provide meals for over 100 kids so we would be fed. We ate things like spaghetti, hamburgers, chicken wraps, and also toast, cereal and even pancakes. We did some cool night activities as well! On the first night after dinner, 3 of the classes, (7A, B, C) sat around a campfire while the other 3, (7D, E, F) did a bushwalk around the campsite. Then we switched. On the second night we either had the choice to go to a disco or watch a movie. So in the end it was an awesome camp!
Jack Fenwick, 7B
At camp we had a very fun time. There were lots of different activates for us to do such as canoeing, a maze, a flying fox, fishing for yabbies, crate stacking, Around the world and archery. We had delicious food the whole time but some of the favourite food choices where the wraps, jelly and blueberry muffins. We had 7 meals a day including Breakfast, morning tea, lunch ,afternoon tea ,dinner ,desert and supper. Our cabins had 5-6 people in it, all of the people we had in our cabin where in our pastoral group. We also stayed with them for our activities. Camp was a very fun experience for us to make new friends.
Edie Coetzee, 7B