From Year 8

It is hard to believe that we are already in August and I feel so thankful that so far, we have not had any lockdowns. 8A organised a fun and informative celebration of their class. This was entirely organised and led by the students, they celebrated student achievements and we all joined in to identify baby photos and played general knowledge Katoot. The laughter and fun were infectious. We left Nourish wanting to learn more about our 8A peers. We are looking forward to learning more about our peers in 8B and 8C over the next few weeks.

The College Musical

Congratulations to the Year 8 students that were in the College Production. It was a wonderful and impressive show, and their commitment and involvement cannot be underestimated. Five students were part of the cast, Sylvie Ottinger, Alana Pham, Jacqui Puccio, Sylvie Storrs, Nicola Watson. Two students were Sets and props: Fadzai Bako and Charlotte Di Mauro. One student assisted with costumes: Peggy McClelland. Six students were involved as technical support: Arabella Beaumont, Saffron Corelli, Nhung Nguyen, Mischa Fahey, Emma Del Mastro, Mia Frangos and of course the five students who volunteered as Front of House: Astha Bharadwaj, Lila Ryan, Grace Davies, Vaishali Rahman and Adelle Milazzi.

Rita Stangerlin, Year 8 Leader

Being a part of the school musical was such a great experience. I made so many new friends and met some very talented people. As it was my first musical, I found my new love for the performing arts and will be auditioning again next year.
Jacqui Puccio
My experience with working in the Candy Bar as Front of House was very fun. I was able to work with different people in different year levels. I saw lots of different faces and got to see some of my friends. Being able to also watch the amazing Aladdin musical from the back was very helpful.
Lila Ryan
Working in costumes for backstage for the 2022 musical was a fun experience I will never forget. I helped with quick changes, did the actors hair and makeup, and I organized the costumes around the wings. My favourite part was meeting new people and making new friends- involving yourself in the musical is the best way to make connections.
Peggy McClelland
This term has kicked off to a busy start, with many different activities and events taking place. There have been so many performing arts, and sporting opportunities, with more yet to come! One of the highlights of this term was the 2022 St Aloysius production, Aladdin! This was just one of the many exciting things happening at St Als.
Mia Frangos.
My experience backstage as a Sets and Props member for the Aladdin Jr musical was amazing. One of my favourite parts was creating all the sets and props with the help of the teams. However, despite all the challenging rehearsals, many hours, and constantly telling others to mind the movement of the wings, I have made memories I will never forget. Not only have I been lucky enough to participate in such a wonderful production, but I have been surrounded with the warmest and friendliest environment imaginable. Everybody is treated as if you have known each other for years- from the year sevens to the year twelves, I have made friends that I will never forget. That itself is a priceless memory I will cherish forever. Through teamwork and collaboration, we managed to pull off one of the best musicals so far, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.
Charlotte Di Mauro 8A.