From Year 8

The last two weeks in year 8 have been filled with anticipation and excitement with 8A and 8B attending their camps in Torquay, students have been active, collecting precious memories of their time away from family and their homes. Next week it is 8C’s turn to experience the joys of Torquay and camp.

St Aloysius College’s Year 8 camp experience at the Torquay campus provides each student with the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone whilst having fun and learning new skills. Most activities at the camp involved teamwork, communication and listening. This is the foundations to strengthen established friendships and to develop new ones by connecting with other students whom they don't regularly talk with at school. The students enjoyed surfing, Team challenges and beach carnival activities, whilst also taking time out to relax, connect and bond with friends. There is no doubt in my mind that this camp has been memorable and one of the many highlights so far this year.

Students, on behalf of myself and all the teacher leaders who attended, thank you for being co-operative, enthusiastic and playing your part in making the Year 8 2023 camp experience so memorable.

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Team Leader

Day 1 of camp was fantastic. We went to the beach, and there we did team challenges. Later on, most of us participated in a pyjama walk, followed by team trivia. Everyone loved the day so much, and to top it all off, we had apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Camp will be the best time every.
Day 2 of camp was by far the busiest. We did team building challenges on land with SeaEarth Adventures to start. They then helped us learn to surf, with a few very talented peers. We also watched a professional video crew film some scenes for a TV show or movie. We finished with a pizza dinner and movie night. This camp was the best one ever.
Annie-Rose Attard
Last week, 8A went to camp in Torquay and stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. We participated in many exciting activities including surfing, team building, and walks along the beach. Team building was definitely a highlight for me! The class was split into two groups and each group had to complete a series of challenges including ‘bomb defusal’, a square puzzle, and bridge making. I found it very enjoyable having to cooperate with my teammates to successfully complete the challenge. These challenges not only helped us get to know our classmates better but helped us improve our team and cooperating skills.
Alexandra Frangos
Year 8 camp was such a fun experience! We got to know everyone in our class so much better, made new friends, and strengthened our existing bonds. We had so much fun surfing, doing team building and communication activities, and a beach carnival. It was so wonderful to become even closer with our classmates, pastoral teachers and learn so many new things.
Gracie Scott