From Year 8

Well, the last of the three pastoral groups 8C returned last Wednesday with big smiling faces after bonding with their pastoral group. The students enjoyed their time in Torquay and many new memories were made together, surfing, building a raft and completing team activities and participating in the beach carnival. On behalf of the 8C students, thank you to Sr Anila, Mr Brooks, and Ms Lonsdale for attending and making the camp so enjoyable.

To kickstart a new unit of work on Japanese food and ordering at restaurants, Year 8 Japanese students created their own キャラ弁 (character bento), cutting and assembling their ingredients to look like animals and characters. Catherine Fu (8B) and Misha Vargas (8B) recreated a popular character called Shirokuma (Polar Bear) from the Sumikko Gurashi series, while others enjoyed creating bears, flowers and mini rice balls.

Please enjoy the below photos and student reflections

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Team Leader

Today 8C arrived at camp, we first found out our cabins after arriving. Then after settling in, we went on a long but beautiful walk and got some much-needed ice-cream. After arriving home, exhausted we took a break and then headed to the beach for some fun beach games. Some highlights from the beach were, playing “flags”, and then we had a long swim in the water (some of us in clothes). Our highlights of the day were the unplanned swim (do not worry we all had bathers). For dinner we had chicken and chips, and for dessert we had apple pie. Today was a great start to camp of 2023.
Zoe Mullins and Chloe Hamilton
Today we went off to surfing. We learned all the techniques and caught some waves. We all had such a great time. After lunch, we were involved in lots of activities down by the river. We used teamwork to solve and complete some difficult tasks. After that we built a raft and raced against the other group. We came back and chill for a while. After our pizza dinner we had a trivia quiz and ended the evening with a movie.
Angwit Akien
On Friday, my class and I got to create bento boxes for Japanese. We used various ingredients and materials to create an adorable bento box. We used cookie cutters to make cute shapes with the food, and we added faces made from seaweed to make it cuter and more appealing. It was super enjoyable and inspired others to take more interest in the Japanese culture.
Alisa Webb
On Friday Ms Mizuno's year 8 Japanese class was given the opportunity to create character-themed bento boxes. Ms Mizuno provided supplies and rice moulds and we got to work, in an hour we all made delicious bento boxes but more importantly learnt that food is a form of art. Thanks Ms Mizuno for running the lesson and ensuring we had a great time.
Nina Cutuli 8B