From Year 8

With only one week left of Term 1, I am feeling grateful for all the learning and opportunities for growth provided to each student during the term; camps, excursions, incursions, ACS sports and training, musical auditions and rehearsals, the school mass, and more. I encourage all students and their families to reflect on what you have enjoyed this term and please remember to show your appreciation and thank to your teachers for organizing these activities for you!

Below a few incursions that have happened just in the last few weeks of term 1.

EP Global Languages Championship Competition
The EP Languages Championship (EPLC) provide students with an opportunity to compete at their own ability level. This competition is designed to help boost your students’ personal learning journey, engage the students with curriculum-aligned content, and motivate them to compete on an international stage.

Congratulations to all the students who competed in the 2023 Education Perfect Global Languages challenge and the official results are as follows:

  • Gold Awards: Seone Grande 8C, Nina Cutuli 8B and Alisa Webb 8B
  • Silver Award: Mya Borg 8C
  • Bronze Awards: Gracie Scott 8A, Semhale Tesfay 8A, Emily Reivers 8C, Maple Horne 8B, Annie-Rose Attard 8A, Ava McKirdy 8B, Jessie Nguyen 8A, Zoe McDonald 8B and Keona O'Brien 8B
  • Credit Awards: Clementine-Auriella Line 8B, Olivia Thaus 8B, Catherine Fu 8B and Emerson Atherton 8C

Japanese Manga Workshop
Year 8 Japanese students participated in a Manga drawing workshop this week run by Kenny Chan, a freelance artist and animator in comics, video games and movies. Students learnt about the use of manga in Japan and were guided through the process of drawing their own manga-style characters. Everyone enjoyed seeing how potato and carrot shapes suddenly turned into bodies and arms, and how changing the eyes and face shapes conveyed different personalities and emotions. All students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of putting their drawing skills to the test.

Italian puppet show: La Lampada di Aladino
Italian Next Monday, the year 8 Italian students will be entertained by the Carrousel Theatre Company, who will perform a bilingual puppet show: “La Lampada di Aladino” a fun and interactive show for learning languages. The objective of this experience is to encourage the study of Italian using puppetry. The show is especially crafted for school students learning a new language. The stories are based on an original tale and adapted for puppetry. The traditional characters and stories give the students an opportunity to enjoy and understand the Italian culture.

Journee de la Francophonie (French speaking Day)
To celebrate Journee de la Francophonie (French speaking), Year 8 French students were given a creative task to take a picture and add French filters and words. This is a wonderful keepsake of their experiences of learning French language and culture and being part of the francophone community.

The year 8 students have maintained their enthusiasm, energy, and positivity throughout the term and continued to step out of their comfort zone and participate in so many co-curricular activities. I am extremely proud of the Year 8 students and the efforts they have made in relation to their studies and participation in College events.

Have a wonderful term break and a Happy Easter to all.

Enjoy the photos and students' reflections.

Rita Stangherlin

Year 8 Team Leader

The Education Perfect Championships were challenging and lots of fun! They were an amazing way to learn new words, I thoroughly enjoyed the competitiveness and winning awards. I'm really excited for next year's challenge!
Nina Cutuli
The Education Perfect Language Competition was very fun even though it was time consuming, the highlight for me was the noise that played when I surpassed someone in points. The competition was helpful for me to brush up on some of my skills in French and Japanese and go over a few terms that I have not used since year 7. I found myself indulging a little too much in it as I spent nearly every waking hour learning more French and Japanese terms, however I can now confidently say that I can count to 100 in French.
Seone Grande
Celebrating French-speaking day was terrific! We learnt about francophones which is on the 20th March. On Monday we also took photos with our friends and customise them to be French.
Isabel Martinez
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had our Japanese incursion. Here we saw a manga activity where we learnt how to draw various types of eyes, expressions, bodies, and much more. The person teaching us was very engaging and open to drawing our crazy ideas of characters.
The next day, we had a comedy show performed by Showko. She was a lovely person and entertained us greatly with her ridiculous and humorous acts. Overall, we enjoyed the exciting
Jessie Nguyen and Mischa Vargas