From Year 8

Welcome back to term 2!

The Year 8 students have certainly started Term 2 energised and refreshed. With an entire term completed in Year 8, students should feel more confident within their pastoral group, subject classes and understand each subject teacher’s and the college’s expectations. Therefore, what should students’ priorities be for the next 9 weeks. Term 2 is a perfect opportunity to turn dreams into reality!

Hopefully by now all students should have taken the time to read their subject teacher’s feedback from assessments and have a clear understanding as to what improvements require focus. This is timely, because personally evaluating where one is at can also assist in strategizing for success in the future. So, how does one do this? It could mean undertaking to ask questions or participating positively in class, or allocating more time to answering math problems, learning language vocabulary, or exploring further a particular topic by reading and researching for general knowledge. The possibilities are numerous and exciting.

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Team Leader

This term, I am looking forward to when I have my Japanese classes as we will be making bento boxes! I am also looking forward to this term’s ACS, I will be doing netball and I am really excited for the many games coming up. I am so excited for what term 2 has to offer.
Seone Grande, Scully House Leader
As year 8 McCauley house leader I was able to represent my house during many sporting events. Now that it is Term 2, I am exhilarated to start netball and gain new friends along the way!
Clementine Line
During Term 1 I was able to ease into the role of year 8 Verdon house captain. Now that term 2 has officially commenced I can continue to adjust to the role, connect with peers and gain new friendships with others.
Keona O'Brien