From Year 8

Year 8 commenced this fortnight with the Year 8 Reflection Day where the focus this year was on reflecting on how to build positive friendships at school and beyond. The Icebreaker games were enjoyed by all as were the art activities and small group discussions. Students reflected on the idea that “Friendships are built in small moments” and other important lessons about friendships like conflict in a friendship is normal, boundaries are important, how not to create more drama cyclones at school, and to choose wisely who share your story with (remembering to always ask themselves - has that person earned your trust over time, have they shown themselves to be loyal, kind and trustworthy?). Learning how to make friends and have closer friendships is the gift we all need to give ourselves.

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Leader

The Year 8 Reflection day took place on Monday the 8th of May with the focus on “Friendship” and on our College theme of being a “shining light” to those around us. The day was held in our College hall and included sessions of personal reflection, groups activities and opportunity to share ideas and understandings through artistic creations. Students from the cohort also lead a liturgy which provided the opportunity to be in prayer together to conclude the day.
Michael Chesser, Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos   |   Year 8 Reflection Day
This year's Year 8 reflection day was a great day full of reflection on friendships and maintaining healthy relationships, throughout the day there were many activities in groups that gave us a lot to think about. The day included many creative tasks, reflective writing and educational talks that benefited everyone. Overall, this reflection day was a great way to keep connected and to reflect on ourselves and all the year 8's enjoyed themselves!
Cleo Normand
We all very much enjoyed the well-known play “the little prince” that was spoken in French. We loved how there were only a few actors, but they all played their multiple roles very well making the play very entertaining. We found it interesting learning about their work how they all came to be at the French theatre. We also found it interesting when the little prince had interactions with all the different roles being played by the actors. Overall, we found the play a great experience and loved watching it.
Sara Soricho and Amelia O’Brien
On Monday the 8th of May, the Year 8 cohort had our Reflection Day. The focus of the day was friendship, where we did many relationship-strengthening activities such as making a poster advertising a good friend, a warm-up activity similar to Simon Says, and an end-of-day liturgy hosted by the teachers and year 8s. Reflection Day was an amazing opportunity to connect with friends and learn about how mercy relates to friendships.
Nina Cutuli, 8B

Year 8 Art

All of term 1 saw year 8 art students engaged and excited to be working with clay to create their individual ceramics piece.

In art we learned how to use clay and made a pot of our choice for me it was an amazing experience for me since it was my first time, I really enjoyed everything and I'm so happy with the final design I found it fun, and it was also amazing learning things for clay. I would make another clay with all my experience.
Angwit Akien
This ceramic project was so fun; the painting was especially fun, and I am glad we got the extra help from Saskia.
Jocelyn Weng
I am having a fantastic time throughout the term Art. In term one, we created ceramics pot with a theme of our choice & I created a cookie monster. I had lots of fun, and I was very happy with the outcome. I like learning about different artists and their origin stories, and I look forward to the rest of the year!
Bettle Benyam
The ceramic task was so much fun I learnt a lot about ceramics, and it was a great experience.
Millie Delaney
In art, we made ceramic pots/mugs! We learnt all the strategies and techniques to successfully create a pot and all the end results are amazing.
Mya Borg
In Art, we were given the opportunity to create our own ceramic piece, while it was so much fun it came with challenges which is what we look for as a student so we can learn from our mistakes. Overall, it was a great experience and i would do it again in a heartbeat.
Heidi Trollope
In year 8 Art so far this year we had created ceramic pieces. I really enjoyed the process of designing the pots as well as making my drawings into reality. I made a mug inspired by a jam droplet with lots of hearts throughout the design.