From Year 8

I cannot believe we are already in week 6 of Term 2! The year 8 students have continued to maintain a positive mindset throughout this term as they have approached the many new and challenging tasks in each of their subject areas. This week the science class have created models of cells. Below is a report from the Science Learning Leader, Kareena Martis and some student reflections.

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Leader

Year 8 Science

Over the past few weeks, our budding Year 8 scientists have zoomed into the microscopic world of cells, uncovering their specialised structures, and remarkable functions. Through their learning and investigations, they have gained a deeper understanding of the distinguishing features of living things, the significance of cells as the basic units of life, and the importance of scientific knowledge evolving as new evidence emerges.

To foster a hands-on learning experience, our students had the chance to examine a variety of cells using compound light microscopes. From root cells responsible for water and nutrient absorption to the diverse cells found in different tissues and organs, they learned that cells come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own unique characteristics and roles within the organism.

In addition to exploring cell models and theories, our students were tasked with creating a multi-modal cell model, based on their research on specialised cells. This allowed them to showcase their understanding of the unique structures and functions of cells in a visually engaging manner. Some students took their creativity even further, choosing to create cell models out of cake, which they then shared with their peers.

Stay tuned for more exciting scientific adventures from our brilliant Year 8 students!

Kareena Martis
Science Learning Leader

In Science, we have studied Cells and Atoms and we're now starting to study different types of Energy systems. Science has been a very captivating subject and has taught us a lot in a creative and collaborative way. We learned about the different types of parts in an animal/plant cell and different types of atoms. Learning all of this has been very enjoyable especially when we do practicals/experiments.
Charlotte A
This year I have learned a lot about cells, especially plant cells and specialised cells. I put together a 3D cell model of a plant cell using airdry clay, which was a lot of fun and very interesting to make.
Emily R