From Year 8

Susan McLean, from Cyber Safety Solutions was an engaging and informative guest speaker that all Year 8 students listened to during Nourish session last week. This was a valuable discussion for all present. Her list of achievements is considerable notably that she is Australia's foremost expert in cyber safety and was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years. Importantly, she was also the first Victoria Police Officer appointed to a position involving cyber safety and young people. Susan is known as the ‘cyber cop’ and major companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube allow her to decide which issues affect Australian Children. Her work with our Year 8 students involved clarified the facts about how to make a good online decision, our digital reputation, cyber bullying, personal privacy, and strategies for staying safe online.

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Team Leader

On Monday the 5 of June, we had Susan Mclean come in to talk to us about cyber safety. The presentation was very informative, we learned about how to stay safe online by her teaching us how to protect our digital reputation. She also taught us to talk to a trusted adult whenever we felt unsafe online.
Claire M, 8C
During the semester 8A and 8B have been doing the textiles course, we have been making tote bags. This task was a challenge but overall, it was an amazing experience and a great way to express creativity with the fabrics and colours. Thanks to Jess, Ms. Franze, and Saskia for being amazing help and making the textiles course fun, I can't wait for what we make next.
Nina C, 8B
In year 8 textiles, our task was to design, modify and create a tote bag. Some people had a flap, and others kept the original pattern. After choosing our colour palette and completing a mood board, design brief and profile page, we all created a useful and personalised bag. Thanks to our amazing teachers Ms Franze, Jess, and Saskia, some of us finished early and were able to create a matching reversible bucket hat. This year has been a great opportunity to express creativity and make a unique and beautiful creation that we will use for years.
Josephine W, 8B

Year 8 Maths

In Maths, the students are continuing to build their skills using Maths Pathway. Each student completes modules of work at their level of readiness. In any one class, students could be learning about a range of topics such as algebra, geometry, and statistics. To complement this individual learning, students participate in small group lessons and whole class rich tasks. One such rich task required students to solve problems using the Bar Model Method, which was developed in Singapore and helps students visualise their thinking. It has been great to see how the students push themselves to learn something new and collaborate to work towards a solution.

Diane Martin
Year 8 Maths Teacher & 8A Pastoral Leader

Math Pathways is a really great program that helps us go at our own learning rates and helps to individualise our learning. It makes me feel confident about my learning, and the teachers help us with any questions.
Annie-Rose A, 8A

Maths Pathways in year 8 has been great so far. Maths pathways is a great tool for strengthening some areas in maths that I find difficult and growing my understanding on areas I already felt confident in. I also enjoy some of the features such as the exit ticket because it helps me feel much more prepared before tests. Maths has been really engaging and educational so far and I'm excited for the upcoming terms.
Gracie S, 8A

Maths pathway throughout secondary school has been a great opportunity to improve on mathematical skills in an enjoyable way. Maths pathway allows each student to develop their mathematical learning at their own pace, which is a great feature. Personally, I love the entrance and exit ticket, because it gives you an idea of what the module will look like, and the exit ticket will help prepare you for the upcoming test. Maths pathway has been an excellent program and works for all students and learning styles.
Ruby R, 8A

Recently in maths, my class has been doing bar models. I have enjoyed learning this as it's an alternative way to work out problems as you can visualize what they look like in front of you.
Nina C, 8B