From Year 8

Congratulations to the newly elected Semester 2 Year 8 Class Co-Captains! We wish them all the best in their leadership roles. As we all know, our lives either shrink or expand depending on the courage and willingness to step out of our comfort zones.

The Year 8 Class Captains for Semester 2 2023 are:

  • 8A - Semhale Tesfay & Annie-Rose Attard
  • 8B - Sara Soricho & Ava McKirdy
  • 8C - Heidi Trollope & Chloe Hamilton

During this week's Nourish session, Year 8 students acted as mentors for Year 7 students. The activities included a discussion about school along with advice on the topic. This gave the Year 8 students a chance to reflect on what they learned this year and share it with the Year 7s. The advice given consisted of things they learned from the Cyberbullying talk, tips for creating better habits, pre and post-work advice, and guidance on navigating friendships.

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Team Leader

On Monday the Year 7s and 8s had the chance to share and connect. We played many icebreakers games and shared some advice. Both years got to share their highlights of St Aloysius College. Overall, it was a great time to talk and develop friendships. We have enjoyed the experience of being class co-captains so far. It has been a good learning experience and we are learning more each day. We are getting better at communicating with our peers and are very excited to continue with our captaincy.
Chloe Hamilton & Heidi Trollope 8C

Year 8 Humanities Update

In Year 8 Humanities this semester, students are learning about the Black Death. They have studied its causes, spread, and short-term and long-term consequences. They have also explored the perspectives of various people in society to the Black Death. One of the Black Death’s most influential long-term consequences, the Renaissance, will be the focus of their studies for the rest of the term.

Ms Elisa Litvin
8A pastoral leader and 8A & 8C Humanities teacher

During Humanities, studying the black death has been a very enjoyable experience. We have had the opportunity to look back into history and expand our knowledge and understanding of the people of the time's lives. We have enjoyed this given learning opportunity very much.
Annie-Rose and Semhale 8A
We have been learning about the long-term and short-term effects of the Black Death and how it changed medieval society. It has been very interesting learning about the Black Death and how it shaped the medieval world.
Sara and Ava 8V
In 8C, we all enjoyed getting further insight into the Black Death and what it was really like. We found it fascinating to learn about all the methods that were used in an attempt to cure the Black Death.
Chloe and Heidi 8C