From Year 8

This term in Science the Year 8 students have been introduced to the world of biology. They finished their cell models where they were required to design and use analogies to show their understanding of cells

Their current topic is digestion and the circulatory system. The students also had the opportunity to listen to the school education nurse Jodie about the heart and what can happen to it. The students enjoyed this session asking many questions and demonstrating that they were able to apply their knowledge and understanding from what they have learned.

In Humanities, the students have just finished their history unit on the Black Death and are now looking at how the Renaissance evolved from the Middle Ages. The Renaissance period cultivated a new change in art, knowledge, and culture. This era was so important has it changed the way the world thought, with new inventions, styles, and explorations that are still influential and occurring to this day. The term ‘Renaissance Man’ refers to the highly influential people who shaped this period of time. They were masters of invention, engineering, creatively, and travel, with some of the discoveries and inventions still used widely to this day.

Rita Stangherlin, Year 8 Leader

Week 8 Student Reflections
Humanities is a very interesting subject, and we have a lot of fun understanding the different topics. Recently, we just finished the gruesome history of the Black Death where we were completely engaged in the content.
Astha Bharadwaj 8B

It has been fun learning about the Renaissance, we have been looking at the Medici family and I have been finding it greatly interesting.
Tenecia McBride 8C

Science is a very interesting subject, and we have enjoyed learning about how things work. We have just finished our topic about Cells. During this time, we made a model of a plant and animal cell which were shown to other classes. Recently, we began a new topic, learning about the human body and how it works.
Maisha Beyene 8B

I enjoyed building our cells and getting to be creative in science.
Athiei Gor 8C