From Year 8

It is only by trying new things that you will gain all the confidence you need to keep moving forward. And it is only by leaving your comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith into something new, that you discover what you are truly capable of becoming. The year students have been embracing new challenges and opportunities and have proven to all what they are capable of.

Many students took up the opportunity to express these views to a wider audience and bring about change for the benefit of all by participating in the Parliament Prize Competition 2022. In fact, this year, 670 students from all over Victoria put those views into a 90 second video. They spoke passionately about an issue of importance to them. This video was watched and judged by representatives of the current Victorian Parliament with prizes awarded in three categories: grade 5 & 6, years 7 - 9 and years 10 to 12. It is with great pleasure that we announce Fadzi Bako from 8A who received second Place in the state for Year 7-9. Her topic was “it is time to raise the age of criminal responsibility”. You can watch a video of her presentation and learn more here.

Both of our student-run pastoral assemblies have set the standard demonstrating student leadership and working cooperatively as a class. 8C entertained the year level with an engaging and fun Assembly which they ran during the last Nourish session. The Year Level had so much fun, and the activities were very interactive. I cannot wait to see what 8B has prepared for us. Below is a student’s reflection of preparing for the assembly.

During nourish, 8C presented our pastoral assembly to the entire year level. We wanted to make it long enough yet enjoyable. Throughout the assembly, we had many participants join in on the games Sylvie, Verona, Tanecia and other members of 8C set up such as Trivia, Riddles, Blooket, Guess the celebrity and Guess Who. Though our planning was not thorough, we tried to think of original ideas for entertainment, I believe the execution was worth the applause. It was nice to have all of 8C contribute to on this assembly and the entire class worked together to make it work.
Mia He 8C

Rita Stangherlin, Year 8 Leader