From Year 8

This week during Nourish, 8A was the first pastoral group to run the first of the Year 8 pastoral-run assemblies. Assemblies are a wonderful space to celebrate success and come together as a community, and they allow students to share their opinions and showcase each member. This assembly was entirely student organised and run for all the other year 8 students and teachers.

This Monday, 8A hosted the year 8 assembly. We each had the responsibility to manage and create a section. Despite having different focuses, the whole class contributed to different groups. Everyone had a fun time and enjoyed learning more about one another. Our class feels much more open now and we enjoyed expressing our creativity and hospitality. We hope the other classes enjoy creating them as much as we have, and we cannot wait for theirs.
Annie-Rose A and Semhale T

Congratulations 8A for entertaining and teaching us so much about the wonderful individuals in your pastoral group. We really appreciated all your efforts and for sharing your interests, likes and dislikes with all of us in an engaging and fun way. We look forward to 8B’s pastoral assembly in a few weeks.

In the last fortnight all Year 8 students were invited to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition. The AMC contains unique problem-solving questions that are related to our everyday lives. Students need to complete 30 questions (25 multiple-choice, 5 integers) in 75 minutes during their timetabled classes. This competition was first run in 1978 and is Australia’s longest-running, largest and most well-known maths competition for school students. I am certain many parents and carers remember taking part in this. We are looking forward to hearing the results!

The Year 8 corridors are filled with Year 8 Italian students reciting or memorising their poems for the upcoming CIS Junior Italian Poetry Competition 2023 in early September. These poems are certainly sounding impressive!

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Team Leader

Year 8 French Update

This year, a number of students in Year 8 put their hands up to participate in the Berthe Mouchette competition. They had to learn an entire poem by memory and recite it in front of the judge. Students met every week at lunchtime to learn and rehearse their poems, and no doubt parents heard them practising at home too! Congratulations to all participants who put in extra time and effort to extend their French and a special congratulations to Cleo Normand for being a finalist with a perfect score!

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Berthe Mouchette poetry competition. I think it was a wonderful experience to strengthen and develop my skills in French. Although it was challenging to memorise, and it was difficult to make sure my pronunciation was correct I felt prepared and supported leading up to the competition. Since the Berthe Mouchette, I have felt much more confident and open to new challenges in French. The competition taught me valuable skills and although I was quite nervous, I'm very glad I gave it a go!
Gracie S