From Year 8

In the final fortnight of Term 3, Year 8 students experienced an exciting blend of activities. Six students demonstrated exceptional skills and sportsmanship at the interschool Chess Tournament, capturing their passion for the game in photos.

Additionally, Year 8 Italian students engaged in an incursion, participating in the Junior Italian Poetry competition. This challenging event required recitation of Italian poems from memory, with a focus on pronunciation, expression, and intonation. The performances were assessed by a discerning judge from The Centre of Italian Studies (CIS). This competition not only tested students' linguistic abilities but also deepened their understanding of Italian culture, offering a valuable educational experience.

Furthermore, the spirit of generosity and unity shone brightly on Mercy Day as Year 8 students wholeheartedly embraced a range of fundraising activities dedicated to supporting their House charities. It was a touching display of their commitment to making a positive impact in their community. Among these activities, the Just Dance event, organized by Verdon House, stood out as a highlight of the day.

The term culminated in the heart-warming 8C pastoral assembly, a delightful gathering that offered a medley of entertainment. The assembly encompassed a variety of engaging activities, such as screening entertaining movies, hosting a lively "guess the baby photo" Kahoot game, sharing funny videos, and even spotlighting the remarkable talents of these students' beloved pets.

As we bid farewell to Term 3, we carry with us cherished memories, newfound knowledge, and a sense of unity that will continue to define our journey forward.

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Leader

The PEGS tournament was an enriching experience for the St Aloysius chess team to open their horizons and play with people of many different ages and skill levels. We each played 7 rounds against people from other schools with a time limit of 12:00 minutes with 3-second add-ons. Even though the competition was tough everyone was friendly, and it was truly an amazing experience, we are looking forward to the next one.
Nina C and Maddie H 8B
Finally, it was 8C’s turn to prepare and run a whole class assembly. It was a fun and interesting way to show the other classes what has been happening in 8C! We did a fun little skit, along with a baby photo kahoot. We acknowledged the achievements of our class, whether this was in ACS, Education Perfect or art pottery, we were all proud of one another. We also shared our funny pet videos. All in all, this was so much fun, and we enjoyed seeing everyone laughing and smiling!
Jocelyn, Millie and Claire 8C