From Year 8

The extended four-day weekend has afforded the Year 8 students a valuable opportunity to unwind, recharge, and dedicate time to catching up on assessment tasks, all in preparation for their upcoming exams scheduled for Monday, November 13th and Tuesday, November 14th. These impending exams mark a significant milestone as the Year 8 students embark on their first official examination experience. There has been discussion about identifying which are the most effective study techniques for themselves. The emphasis is not only on achieving high scores, but also on personal growth and the development of effective study habits. Remember that these exams serve as a platform to refine your study techniques, and with each passing year, these strategies will evolve and improve.

To all the Year 8 students, we extend our best wishes for a composed mindset and a steady hand as you navigate through your exams. Take a moment to relax, trust in the hard work you have invested, and recognize that this experience is part of your journey toward academic and personal development. Strive for your best, but always bear in mind that you are in Year 8 — a stage designed to nurture and refine your skills as you progress in your educational journey. Good luck!

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Leader

Year 8 Music

The song writing assessment really made us step out of our comfort zones. Without a doubt, we did not like the idea of singing in front of our classmates. However, in the end, it was not so bad and in fact, we felt much better after completing it. When we wrote our lyrics, it was both a fun and an embarrassing experience. We had our fair share of laughs and cringing moments.
Jessie Nguyen and Mischa Vargas, 8A