Exams, Farewells and Thanks

From Year 8

Congratulations to all the Year 8 students for navigating through your first set of exams! This achievement marks not just academic progress but also invites reflection on what study strategies worked well and what adjustments could further enhance your exam techniques.

The past week was bustling with activity, highlighted by our celebratory evening and significant events. On November 16th, Year 8 students began their farewell day by completing their PAT tests, followed by a Farewell Assembly and Liturgy, symbolising another step in their educational journey. Students receiving letters they had written to themselves at the year's start was a heartfelt moment, reflecting on initial aspirations. The day concluded with a poignant photo montage, capturing the year's joyous moments and personal growth.

A heartfelt thank you to the Year 8 pastoral leaders, Elisa Litvin, Dianne Martin, Chris Georgiou, Brad Hall, Brian Brooks, and Sr Anila Isaac who have provided guidance, support, and encouragement to our Year 8 students throughout the year. Your dedication and care have made a significant impact on our students' lives.

As my time as Year 8 Leader ends, I extend heartfelt thanks for your support and dedication this year. To the 2023 Year 8 students: May your journey be abundant with learning, growth, and joyful successes. Keep shining and making a positive impact wherever life takes you.

Best regards,

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Level Leader

These last two weeks have been very busy for Year 8. We have finished our first exams, and at the Year 7 and 8 Celebration Evening, many of us received certificates. On Thursday, we came together for the last time as Year 8s and said goodbye to our pastoral leaders, thanking them for the memories made. On Monday, we began step ahead, moving into our Year 9 classes, which has pushed us to make new friendships and prepare us for the years to come.
Annie-Rose 8A
The last few days of Year 8 went by in a blink of an eye, from exams to awards. Last week we had our Year 7 & 8 Celebration Evening, we had so much fun, and it was a good chance to celebrate and look back on Year 8. We also had a year level liturgy on the last day of Year 8, which gave us a chance to reflect on the past year and pray for guidance for the next year to come. The first few days of step ahead have been a huge change but have really been enjoyable, and I am definitely excited for the year to come.
Sara 8B
During the last weeks of Year 8, we had many fun new experiences from the Celebration Evening, to our very first exams. Going into Year 9 is exciting, but we are all going to miss our pastoral teachers and classmates. Thank you to all the teachers for supporting us through the year. My highlight was the last day of Year 8 assembly, where we celebrated all our memories together. I am looking forward to next year.
Nina 8C
The final two weeks of Year 8 were a mixture of excitement and sadness, Year 8 was filled with so much joy and good memories. On the last day of Year 8 we had a farewell assembly where we took the time to thank our year level and pastoral leaders for their support throughout the year. The farewell assembly was memorable and filled with lots of laughs as we reminisced on our memories from Year 8. Celebration Evening was a wonderful time for us to acknowledge the hard work of our peers and recognise everyone’s accomplishments. Beginning Step Ahead has been an adjustment for everyone but it has also been an exciting experience finding out who our new teachers and classmates are, and what we will be learning about in Year 9.
Gracie 8A